6 Packs Of Kinetico Block Salt (12 Blocks)


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Product Overview

KINETICO Block Salt - 6 bags of 2 blocks of salt each (12 blocks)

  • Kinetico Block Salt is available in a convenient, easy to carry 8kg polythene pack.

  • Each Kinetico pack contains 2 x 4kg blocks of the highest quality, premium food grade compacted salt.

  • Packaged in a robust, weatherproof plastic packaging (will require scissors/cutter to open).
  • Easy to store and stack. (Takes very little room compared to tablet salt.)
  • Easy to load, it is specifically designed for use in block salt water softeners including Harveys, Kinetico, Crown, Monarch, Mini-Max, TwinTec but can be used in any non-electric, block water softener.

  • National delivery within 3-5 working days.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review